What Does Collision Coverage On My Motorcycle Insurance Policy Cover?

Collision coverage is one of the essential options that you should add to your motorcycle insurance policy. Many riders in Sanger, TX and beyond don’t understand why they need collision coverage. Here are insights into collision coverage.

What Does Motorcycle Collision Insurance Cover?

Collision coverage will pay to repair your motorcycle if it gets physically damaged in an accident. This coverage applies whether you are the at-rider or the accident was caused by the other driver. This means that if you have motorcycle collision insurance, you will be able to easily fix your bike after an accident without using your own money. Moreover, if your motorcycle is totaled, collision coverage will pay to have it replaced.

What Doesn’t It Cover?

At Hermes Insurance Solutions, we believe that knowing what motorcycle collision insurance doesn’t cover is as vital as knowing what it doesn’t. This is because understanding the limits of your motorcycle insurance will enable you to get the right coverage.

Collision coverage doesn’t cover your medical bills if you are injured in the accident. It will also not take care of the medical bills of any other person who is injured due to the accident. Additionally, it doesn’t cover damage to other vehicles or property resulting from the accident.

Important Things to Know

Your motorcycle collision insurance covers your bike up to its current cash value after the deductible is paid. Therefore, it’s essential that you stay informed on your motorcycle’s current cash value. Additionally, since it can be challenging to pay your deductible after an accident, it’s best that you keep your deductible at an affordable amount that you can raise without much difficulty.

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