Do You Need RV Insurance If You Never Drive Your RV?

Whether you drive your RV or have it camped out in your yard as a home away from home for staycations, our team at Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX, can help you protect your RV from liability and more. If you never take your RV for a spin, you might wonder if you need insurance. As you’ll find out below, whether or not you drive your RV doesn’t always have a huge bearing on the importance of getting an insurance policy for the vehicle.

Do You Need RV Insurance If You Don’t Drive Your RV?

Although many people use their RV to make road trips or camping trips, some don’t intend to drive their RV. Since an RV could be a nice starter home for your young adult child or it could serve as an office, there are plenty of reasons why it may never leave your driveway or garage. Even if you don’t drive it, you should still protect your RV in case it gets stolen or damaged through a qualifying event.

An RV that stays in your yard, driveway, or garage is still at risk of many of the things that RVs on the road experience. From theft to damage to liability, there are situations in which it’s better to have this kind of insurance and never file a claim instead of waiting until they happen to get insurance. Most insurance policies don’t provide retroactive coverage, so you shouldn’t rely on the best-case scenario to keep your vehicle safe.

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