Umbrella Insurance in Texas

Having a home and an auto insurance policy in Texas offers you many different types of coverage, and liability protection is one of them. However, the amount of protection you get may not be enough. That's where umbrella insurance comes in. If you have questions about umbrella coverage, please call us at Hermes Insurance Solutions LLC in Sanger, TX.

More Liability Coverage

If your home and auto insurance policies don't have much in the way of liability coverage, and many don't, that leaves you financially vulnerable. If a severe car accident or an accident in your home were to occur, this could mean plenty of overage due after the insurance policy has paid out what it can. With umbrella insurance, you get more liability coverage for both of these policies. It adds a much higher payout amount to these policies, so that overage is far less likely. This keeps your finances much better protected.

How It Works

When you have an umbrella policy in Texas, the primary insurance types, your home and auto policies, pay first after an accident. Then, if there is any overage, your umbrella policy will pay that up to its very high payout limit. Without this coverage, a severe accident could mean an overage of medical bills in the tens of thousands or even higher. Umbrella insurance is an excellent financial decision for just this reason. It is also affordably priced. It can be pretty expensive if you go directly to your auto and home policies to add liability coverage. By comparison, umbrella insurance is highly affordable, even with its very high payout limits.

Get Your Umbrella Insurance

If you want to learn more about liability coverage and want an umbrella insurance policy, give us a call at Hermes Insurance Solutions LLC in Sanger, TX.

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