First Time Renters Guide to Insurance

Renting your home can be a great solution to many housing complexities. Renters don’t need to worry about things like maintenance or property taxes. However, first-time renters should consider investing in renters’ insurance. At Hermes Insurance Solutions, serving Sanger, TX, and the surrounding areas, we want to help first-time renters make intelligent insurance choices. Here’s what you need to know about insurance. 

Do Renters Need Insurance?

Absolutely. Although you don’t own the property you’re living in, you do own your possessions. If a natural disaster, fire, or burglary takes place and your items are lost or stolen, the expense of replacing those items will come out of your pocket. This could create a financial hardship if you suddenly face this unexpected expense. Renters insurance will protect these expenses by helping you pay for the lost items.

How Much Coverage Is Needed?

Renters insurance differs from homeowners insurance in that the amount will be set based on the value of your possessions. The best way to determine how much coverage you’d need is to sit down with an insurance rep and discuss your particular needs. The amount of coverage will vary from person to person since the value of possessions will vary.

Is Renters Insurance Required By Law?

No, this type of coverage isn’t required by law. However, investing in renters insurance is still a very good idea to protect yourself from sudden expenses. It’s a good investment in your future financial security.

If you’re interested in learning more about renters insurance or any of our other insurance products, don’t hesitate to contact us at Hermes Insurance Solutions. We serve Sanger, TX, and the surrounding areas. Stay strong, Sanger!

Motorhome Coverage for The Frequent Traveler

If you frequently use your motorhome while traveling, you may need to update your insurance coverage.  Our team can inform you about the protection you may be interested in.

Motor Components

Your recreational vehicle’s motor consists of many components that could be expensive to repair. If you cover the motor with insurance, you won’t be responsible for paying for the repair costs. The coverage will pay for replacement materials for as long as your insurance policy is active.


Electronic materials are required for the motorhome’s lights, battery cables, heater, and air conditioning system. Your existing insurance coverage can cover the electronics.

If one of the electronic components malfunctions while you are actively traveling, the electronic coverage you have acquired will handle the replacement cost of the damaged materials.

Electronic coverage can also protect against theft and vandalism. If you tend to park your motorhome in busy campgrounds while traveling, you may benefit from purchasing theft and vandalism coverage.

Structural Materials

Your motorhome insurance policy can include coverage for the structural materials that the motorhome is made of. This type of coverage will pay for the repair and replacement of essential materials.

Liability Protection

Liability protection coverage will pay for medical costs associated with an injury and damage to another person’s property.

Contact Hermes Insurance Solutions

Contact one of our Hermes Insurance Solutions agents today. An agent who serves Sanger, TX, will describe insurance products that protect your recreational vehicle while traveling.

Do You Need RV Insurance If You Never Drive Your RV?

Whether you drive your RV or have it camped out in your yard as a home away from home for staycations, our team at Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX, can help you protect your RV from liability and more. If you never take your RV for a spin, you might wonder if you need insurance. As you’ll find out below, whether or not you drive your RV doesn’t always have a huge bearing on the importance of getting an insurance policy for the vehicle.

Do You Need RV Insurance If You Don’t Drive Your RV?

Although many people use their RV to make road trips or camping trips, some don’t intend to drive their RV. Since an RV could be a nice starter home for your young adult child or it could serve as an office, there are plenty of reasons why it may never leave your driveway or garage. Even if you don’t drive it, you should still protect your RV in case it gets stolen or damaged through a qualifying event.

An RV that stays in your yard, driveway, or garage is still at risk of many of the things that RVs on the road experience. From theft to damage to liability, there are situations in which it’s better to have this kind of insurance and never file a claim instead of waiting until they happen to get insurance. Most insurance policies don’t provide retroactive coverage, so you shouldn’t rely on the best-case scenario to keep your vehicle safe.

Call our office today for more information on how our RV insurance policies can help you protect your RV at Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX!

Which Vessels Need Boat Registration on Texas Waterways?

If you love riding on the water and decide to buy a boat, you may wonder if your vessel requires a boat registration. At Hermes Insurance Services, we know that Sanger, TX, residents enjoy escaping the city’s heat by taking their boat out on one of our nearby waterways. You’ll need to get a boat registration for the required vessels to protect your boat. Hermes Insurance Solutions will have the necessary answers if you live in the Sanger area and have questions about boat insurance.

Which Vessels Don’t Need Boat Registration? 

In Texas, non-motorized canoes, kayaks, punts, or rowboats are not required to be registered. Rubber rafts and vessels under 14 feet long when poled, paddled, or wind-blown also don’t need to be registered. Military vessels, such as Coast Guard commercial vessels, are used in coastal shipping or vessels over 115 feet long. Owners of these vessels also don’t need a boat registration.

What About Out-of-State Vessels?

If you have an out-of-state boat and want to operate it in Texas, you may not need to register it in Texas. The state law currently allows you to manage a boat in Texas when it is registered in another state. Under these circumstances, you have up to 90 days to use any vessel in Texas waterways without obtaining a Texas boat registration.

Who Should You Call for Boat Insurance Questions?

Boat owners living in the Sanger, TX, area who have any questions about boat registration or boat insurance can contact Hermes Insurance Solutions. We’ve been serving the insurance needs of our area since 1989. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department enforces laws about boats and their registration for the safety of everyone who uses our waterways. 

High-Liability Businesses That Need Umbrella Protection

Our team at Hermes Insurance Solutions provides Sanger, TX residents with a variety of insurance policies. For example, we can help high-liability businesses find umbrella insurance that makes sense for their needs. If you’re not sure if your firm qualifies, check out the list below.

High-Liability Businesses That Need Umbrella Protection

Investment Firms 

When you’re working with someone’s money, it’s important to have an umbrella policy to keep you safe. For example, what happens if you invest unwisely or the market collapses? Someone is likely to sue you and potentially safely, so make sure that you have an umbrella policy to avoid danger.

Travel Companies 

Are you a firm that books travel destinations for people and handles all the planning for them? Get an umbrella policy as soon as possible. This protection will help you when catastrophes strike, such as health issues, lost luggage, or even assault and battery crimes against your clients.

Childcare Facilities 

Do you run a daycare or other type of childcare business? You’ll need an umbrella policy to keep yourself safe from various potential dangers. For example, if these little ones get hurt during your care, expect a very angry parent to come at you with a very costly lawsuit.

Healthcare Providers

This statement probably seems obvious to most people, but healthcare companies need umbrella insurance. After all, you’re potentially literally playing with someone’s life. There are fewer businesses with a higher risk level, so keep yourself safe with a great umbrella policy.

Get Help From Us

No matter what your needs are, our crew at Hermes Insurance Solutions is here for you. We have many years of experience and feel comfortable working with many policy types. Contact us at Sanger, TX to learn more about your options, and we’ll do what we can to help you out here.

Coverage For Your Classic Car

If you plan on purchasing a classic car in the near future, find out about the type of insurance coverage that you need. Then, consult with an insurance agent about the insurance policy that you would like to purchase.

Classic Car Value

The value of a classic car is often higher than the value of a standard automobile. A classic car owner should consider investing in classic car insurance. This type of insurance provides enough coverage for a valuable vehicle.

This type of insurance will protect a classic vehicle from theft or damage. If a classic car is involved in an automobile accident, the insurance coverage will pay for damages that have been incurred.

Driving Habits

Your driving habits may influence the amount of coverage you need. Hermes Insurance Solutions serving Sanger, TX will provide you with a free consultation.

During the consultation, you will need to answer some questions about your car. An agent will inquire about how often and the distance you drive.

Your Policy

After you have spoken with an agent, you may be ready to purchase the classic car insurance policy. After you have reviewed the policy’s documents, you will need to sign them. Keep one copy of your insurance policy in your classic car at all times. 


If you move, sell your car, or would like to increase your coverage, contact one of our agents. The agent will modify your existing insurance policy.

Consult With Us

Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX can assist you with any questions or concerns that you have with your classic car insurance policy. 

Getting Recreational Insurance for Your Vacation Rental Properties

Do you own multiple rental properties that you want to protect for years to come? Our team at Hermes Insurance Solutions can help you with recreational insurance that keeps your Sanger, TX properties safe. Here’s what you need to know about this policy option and how it affects you.

What It Covers 

If you own rental properties that you use to make a little money, it’s important to get recreational insurance for any vehicles you might have there, including fishing boats, speed boats, and jet skis. This policy type can protect you and ensure that your vehicles are properly protected. 

For example, it will pay for common damage problems, such as crashes or some manufacturer failure. It can also help you if somebody gets hurt driving them. For instance, if someone renting your property gets into a serious crash or hurts someone else, your policy can cover medical payments. 

Why It’s Smart for Rental Properties 

Too many people who own rental properties don’t realize the danger of recreational vehicles. Put simply, having these vehicles available could put you in real liability danger. After all, your properties are a business, and you need to treat them like that to keep yourself safe. 

As a result, it’s a great way to protect yourself from serious financial and legal problems. By spending the time to keep your policy updated and your vehicles safe, you can keep yourself safe. There’s nothing wrong with spending a little money to avoid putting yourself in serious debt.

Who You Can Work With

If you’re ready to get recreational insurance for your rental properties, contact us at Hermes Insurance Solutions to learn more. We can provide Sanger, TX residents with the help that they need to find a policy that makes sense. We’re here to help make this process easier and more effective.

Things to Look For When Buying Renter’s Insurance

Though it’s typically one of the most affordable types of insurance, renter’s insurance can be invaluable should disaster strike. In general, three main categories are covered: liability, contents, and additional living costs. There are countless different combinations of coverage available in Sanger, TX, so it’s important to know the details you should be looking for to ensure you get the right coverage.

Items Your Coverage Excludes 

Picture this: there’s a fire, flood, or other natural disaster that destroys your home and belongings. The last thing you want is to learn that your renter’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the replacement of your valuables or family heirlooms. Because of this, it’s vital that you ensure that the policy you choose is able to cover what’s important to you by asking for a list of items that the policy excludes.

Can You Afford Your Deductible?

Deductibles are often the difference between a hassle-free insurance claim and major out-of-pocket expenses. Generally, a higher deductible on your policy means paying a lower monthly premium. However, when facing a loss, you may be responsible for a vast portion of the replacement or repair costs before the remaining losses are covered.

Coverage That Includes Events in Your Area

Some areas face more natural disasters than others and if you live in one of these areas, ensuring that your policy covers those disasters is crucial. For example, some policies may exclude flood damage, and if you live in a flood-prone area, you’ll need to cover the costs of flood damage in other ways.

Find The Perfect Renters Insurance With Help From Hermes Insurance Solutions

Here at Hermes Insurance Solutions, we strive to help those in the Sanger, TX area find the renter’s insurance that they need at a price they can afford. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

What State Do You Purchase Motorhome Insurance In If You Plan on Living in a Moving Motorhome?

Living life on the road in a motorhome is an adventurous choice, but it comes with unique insurance considerations. One of the first questions you might have is: In which state should you purchase motorhome insurance if you plan on living in a moving motorhome? Read along as Hermes Insurance Solutions, providing insurance products to residents in the Sanger, TX region, details the factors to consider when making this decision.

Domicile vs. Residency

The first thing to understand is the difference between your domicile and your residency. Your domicile is your permanent legal address, while residency refers to where you currently live. When it comes to motorhome insurance, you’ll typically purchase coverage based on your domicile.

Choosing Your Domicile

Selecting a domicile is a personal choice. Some people choose a state with favorable tax laws, while others opt for a state where they have family or other ties. South Dakota, Florida, and Texas are popular choices for full-time RVers due to their friendly tax policies and simple residency requirements.

Consider Insurance Requirements

When choosing your domicile state, consider its motorhome insurance requirements. Some states may have specific insurance requirements that you’ll need to meet, such as minimum liability coverage. Ensure that your chosen domicile allows you to meet these requirements with your insurance policy.

We Are Here To Help

When living in a moving motorhome, your domicile state determines your motorhome insurance. Consider your personal preferences, tax laws, and insurance requirements when selecting a domicile. This choice will help you secure the right insurance coverage and enjoy your life on the road with peace of mind. If you’re in the market for a new motorhome insurance product, call Hermes Insurance Solutions, serving the Sanger, TX region, today.

Three challenges you may face when you buy RV insurance

Hermes Insurance Solutions is an insurance company that offers RV insurance coverage to consumers in Sanger, TX. If you are looking for RV insurance coverage, we’re here to help. 

Here are three challenges you may face when you buy RV insurance:

Getting all the personal belongings in your RV covered

Your RV insurance policy should include coverage for personal belongings that you keep in your RV. However, there will be a policy maximum on this type of coverage.

If you keep especially valuable items in your RV, these items might be worth more than the maximum amount offered by the personal belongings coverage on your RV insurance policy. 

Tailoring your coverage to the amount of usage that your RV gets

You might have your RV in storage during certain periods of the year. If this is the case, you’ll want to have an RV insurance policy that you can conveniently make inactive during these periods to avoid paying for coverage when you’re not using your RV. 

Knowing about any exclusions that your policy has

Your RV insurance policy may have some exclusions that you need to know about. You don’t want to be surprised about exclusions down the road when you have to file a claim.

You need to read the fine print of your policy so that you’ll know if incidents like certain natural disasters are not covered by your policy. 

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From cross-country journeys to weekend getaways, we’ve got you covered at Hermes Insurance Solutions. Don’t wait to secure your peace of mind by insuring your RV in Sanger, TX. Get a quote now and embark on unforgettable RV experiences!