Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Hermes Insurance Solutions assists the Sanger, TX community and the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, we have helped our clients protect what matters most. We’re proud that we established long-lasting relationships with many of our clients. We offer unique policies that our clients can adjust to as things change in their lives. We are committed to helping you obtain the insurance that you need.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Auto insurance is important. You likely rely on your vehicle for daily transportation throughout Sanger, TX and beyond. You can’t predict the actions of other drivers on the road or the road conditions. Auto insurance gives you a safety net that you can rely on if something happens. Perhaps you are involved in a collision with another driver. Maybe you parked your car in a safe space, but a powerful thunderstorm came through and destroyed your rear window. Auto insurance covers you in those situations. You are also covered if you make a mistake and hit someone or something. Liability coverage handles the damages.

You also have the ability to add more coverage to your policy. Personal injury protection covers your injuries if you get hurt in a collision. You can also add uninsured motorist coverage. This policy protects you if a driver that doesn’t have insurance hits your vehicle. If you are traveling fairly long distances in your vehicle, you can add roadside assistance coverage. This type of coverage protects you so that you won’t be stranded in an unfamiliar place. Perhaps you are traveling to Houston and your car battery dies, or you suffer a flat tire. You will receive immediate help to get you back on the road safely.  

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