First Time Renters Guide to Insurance

Renting your home can be a great solution to many housing complexities. Renters don’t need to worry about things like maintenance or property taxes. However, first-time renters should consider investing in renters’ insurance. At Hermes Insurance Solutions, serving Sanger, TX, and the surrounding areas, we want to help first-time renters make intelligent insurance choices. Here’s what you need to know about insurance. 

Do Renters Need Insurance?

Absolutely. Although you don’t own the property you’re living in, you do own your possessions. If a natural disaster, fire, or burglary takes place and your items are lost or stolen, the expense of replacing those items will come out of your pocket. This could create a financial hardship if you suddenly face this unexpected expense. Renters insurance will protect these expenses by helping you pay for the lost items.

How Much Coverage Is Needed?

Renters insurance differs from homeowners insurance in that the amount will be set based on the value of your possessions. The best way to determine how much coverage you’d need is to sit down with an insurance rep and discuss your particular needs. The amount of coverage will vary from person to person since the value of possessions will vary.

Is Renters Insurance Required By Law?

No, this type of coverage isn’t required by law. However, investing in renters insurance is still a very good idea to protect yourself from sudden expenses. It’s a good investment in your future financial security.

If you’re interested in learning more about renters insurance or any of our other insurance products, don’t hesitate to contact us at Hermes Insurance Solutions. We serve Sanger, TX, and the surrounding areas. Stay strong, Sanger!

Things to Look For When Buying Renter’s Insurance

Though it’s typically one of the most affordable types of insurance, renter’s insurance can be invaluable should disaster strike. In general, three main categories are covered: liability, contents, and additional living costs. There are countless different combinations of coverage available in Sanger, TX, so it’s important to know the details you should be looking for to ensure you get the right coverage.

Items Your Coverage Excludes 

Picture this: there’s a fire, flood, or other natural disaster that destroys your home and belongings. The last thing you want is to learn that your renter’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the replacement of your valuables or family heirlooms. Because of this, it’s vital that you ensure that the policy you choose is able to cover what’s important to you by asking for a list of items that the policy excludes.

Can You Afford Your Deductible?

Deductibles are often the difference between a hassle-free insurance claim and major out-of-pocket expenses. Generally, a higher deductible on your policy means paying a lower monthly premium. However, when facing a loss, you may be responsible for a vast portion of the replacement or repair costs before the remaining losses are covered.

Coverage That Includes Events in Your Area

Some areas face more natural disasters than others and if you live in one of these areas, ensuring that your policy covers those disasters is crucial. For example, some policies may exclude flood damage, and if you live in a flood-prone area, you’ll need to cover the costs of flood damage in other ways.

Find The Perfect Renters Insurance With Help From Hermes Insurance Solutions

Here at Hermes Insurance Solutions, we strive to help those in the Sanger, TX area find the renter’s insurance that they need at a price they can afford. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

My landlord already has insurance. Why do I need renters insurance as well?

Renters insurance is an important part of protecting yourself and your belongings from potential losses related to renting here in the Sanger, TX area. Even if your landlord already has insurance, it likely does not cover your personal property or liability in case of an accident or disaster, such as a fire. That’s where renters insurance from Hermes Insurance Solutions comes in.

Why Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance can help protect you financially against loss due to theft, water damage, fires, and other disasters that can occur while you are renting. It also offers coverage for medical bills if someone is injured on the property, as well as liability protection to cover legal costs should you be found responsible for any damages caused by you or members of your household. 

In addition to all the necessary financial protection it provides, renters insurance is generally very affordable. By paying just a few dollars a month, you can get peace of mind knowing that in the event that something goes wrong while renting a property, you have some coverage against those losses. 

No matter what type of rental property you are living in, having renters insurance can help ensure that you and your belongings are protected from any potential risks associated with renting. So even though your landlord may already have insurance, it’s important for renters to get their own policy for additional protection.

Reach Out To Us

If you have any additional questions or want to review to make sure that you are adequately covered, give us at Hermes Insurance Solutions a call today. We are proud to serve the Sanger, TX area and would be happy to help you find a policy that meets your needs and your budget.

Why All Renters Need Renters’ Insurance

When you are a renter, it’s important to protect what you have and to protect yourself from certain high costs that can become necessary. Because you don’t own the property, you don’t have to insure the dwelling itself- that’s for the landlord to do. What you need are a specific type of insurance that protects your property and your liability. If you rent, you need this important coverage. To get this policy, give us a call now at Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX.

Protection for What You Own

As a renter, most to all of what you own will be inside your rented home. With so much in your home and the value of it all added together, it is worth a lot. That’s why you need renters’ insurance to protect it all. With this type of insurance, all of your belongings are covered by the policy. The policy covers a number of types of disasters, accidents, etc. When one of these happens and your possessions are destroyed, your policy will pay for you to replace them all. This coverage is highly important to have in place to protect yourself financially. 

Protection for Your Liability

As a renter, you are in charge of what happens inside your home. You might not own it, but you are responsible for what happens there. This means that if a third party came to your home and had an accident with injuries, you would be responsible for paying their medical bills and other expenses. When you have renters’ insurance, it will pay for these bills to protect you financially. 

Get Renters’ Insurance

If you rent and you don’t yet have renters’ insurance, there’s no time to waste. Give us a call today at Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX to get started with a policy.