My landlord already has insurance. Why do I need renters insurance as well?

Renters insurance is an important part of protecting yourself and your belongings from potential losses related to renting here in the Sanger, TX area. Even if your landlord already has insurance, it likely does not cover your personal property or liability in case of an accident or disaster, such as a fire. That’s where renters insurance from Hermes Insurance Solutions comes in.

Why Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance can help protect you financially against loss due to theft, water damage, fires, and other disasters that can occur while you are renting. It also offers coverage for medical bills if someone is injured on the property, as well as liability protection to cover legal costs should you be found responsible for any damages caused by you or members of your household. 

In addition to all the necessary financial protection it provides, renters insurance is generally very affordable. By paying just a few dollars a month, you can get peace of mind knowing that in the event that something goes wrong while renting a property, you have some coverage against those losses. 

No matter what type of rental property you are living in, having renters insurance can help ensure that you and your belongings are protected from any potential risks associated with renting. So even though your landlord may already have insurance, it’s important for renters to get their own policy for additional protection.

Reach Out To Us

If you have any additional questions or want to review to make sure that you are adequately covered, give us at Hermes Insurance Solutions a call today. We are proud to serve the Sanger, TX area and would be happy to help you find a policy that meets your needs and your budget.