Commercial Insurance in Texas

If you own a business in Texas, then you probably depend on it for your finances. Even if it is a side hustle, you have gotten used to that extra income, and you would wish to protect it. To do that, consider commercial insurance. It will protect your business against unforeseen risks and ensure you are financially cushioned should anything happen. At Hermes Insurance Solutions LLC in Sanger, TX, we want to ensure you know your options. Here are the different types of commercial insurance you can choose for your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you use vehicles in your business, you need to consider commercial auto insurance. It offers liability protection if the vehicle gets in an accident. However, this policy is solely for business vehicles.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Whether you have one or several employees, this type of commercial insurance can help protect your workers and business in Texas. If your employee suffers a work-related injury or passes away, workers' compensation will cover the medical expenses and provide death benefits for your employees' loved ones.

Commercial Property Insurance

Every business has assets like furniture, equipment, tools, among other things. Commercial property insurance protects your business property from risks like vandalism, theft, fire, and storm. If any of your property is damaged or stolen, your policy will help with the cost of replacing or repairing it.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects your business against bodily injury and property damage claims. These claims often come up during regular business operations.

There are many types of commercial insurance that suit different types of business. Therefore, if you are trying to find the right coverage, contact Hermes Insurance Solutions LLC. Our agents in Sanger, TX will analyze your type of business and its needs and help you choose the right coverage for adequate protection.

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