Motor Home Insurance in Texas

You have made a significant investment of money, time, and energy in your motorhome to have fun times ahead with your family and friends while you travel, but you will want to protect the investment you made. The best way to do that is to have a good, quality insurance package in place for your beloved motorhome. The staff at Hermes Insurance Solutions LLC in Sanger, TX understand the Texas laws governing motorhome insurance and all of the other coverage options that are available to you.

Liability Insurance

In the state of Texas, you must have at least liability insurance in place to legally drive any motor vehicle on the highways and streets, including motorhomes. Liability insurance will help pay for any property damage caused by an accident that is your fault and for any injuries caused by the crash.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance

While underinsured and uninsured motorist insurance is not required in Texas, you will want to have the coverage to protect yourself, your passengers, and your motorhome if you are involved in an accident caused by a motorist with no insurance in place or very little. This type of policy fills the gap if needed.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Since your motorhome is essentially your home while you are on the road traveling from place to place, you will want to protect it with a comprehensive insurance package, just like you have in place for your actual home. This type of policy will cover your motorhome if it is damaged or destroyed by some natural disaster, an act of vandalism, or a fire. It will also help you replace your motorhome and belongings if someone steals your motorhome.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance will help pay for any damages caused if you collide with another motorhome or vehicle as well as with any stationary object.

Create Your Policy

To create a motorhome insurance policy that works best for you and your situation, contact the motorhome insurance specialists at Hermes Insurance Solutions LLC in Sanger, TX, today!

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