5 Facts about boat insurance in Sanger TX

Don’t get stranded in The Lone Star State. Boat insurance can help keep you afloat.

More than anything, boat insurance can make cruising the waterways much more enjoyable. Hermes Insurance Solutions knows that these policies are about preparing for the worst. Serving Sanger, TX, the agency wants to grant you some peace of mind.

For this reason, the agency lists the following: 

Five facts about boat insurance

Boat insurance covers any watercraft.

Based on the name alone, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Boat insurance offers specialized protection for any motorized watercraft. Most policies shield against damage or loss through collision and comprehensive coverage.

But the benefits go even further.

Boat insurance covers so much more. It’s designed mostly for the people on board. You, your guests, and other boaters benefit from boat insurance. Through bodily injury and property damage liability, you and your assets are secure.

Boat insurance isn’t required in Texas.

Although it’s not mandated by law, boat insurance is still a necessity. The advantages of having full coverage far outweigh the risks of going without it.

Home insurance isn’t enough.

Some homeowners incorrectly assume that their boat is already protected. The coverage provided by these policies is typically limited. Only a dedicated boat insurance plan will ensure full coverage.

Boat insurance isn’t seasonal.

Don’t let your policy lapse during the winter. Many mistakenly cancel their boat insurance. While this can seem like a way to save money, problems could still arise even in storage. Accidents, natural disasters, vandalism, and theft could cost even more in the long run.

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