My landlord already has insurance. Why do I need renters insurance as well?

Renters insurance is an important part of protecting yourself and your belongings from potential losses related to renting here in the Sanger, TX area. Even if your landlord already has insurance, it likely does not cover your personal property or liability in case of an accident or disaster, such as a fire. That’s where renters insurance from Hermes Insurance Solutions comes in.

Why Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance can help protect you financially against loss due to theft, water damage, fires, and other disasters that can occur while you are renting. It also offers coverage for medical bills if someone is injured on the property, as well as liability protection to cover legal costs should you be found responsible for any damages caused by you or members of your household. 

In addition to all the necessary financial protection it provides, renters insurance is generally very affordable. By paying just a few dollars a month, you can get peace of mind knowing that in the event that something goes wrong while renting a property, you have some coverage against those losses. 

No matter what type of rental property you are living in, having renters insurance can help ensure that you and your belongings are protected from any potential risks associated with renting. So even though your landlord may already have insurance, it’s important for renters to get their own policy for additional protection.

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What Does Motorhome Insurance Cover?

While some people only use their motorhomes during the camping season, many others live in their motor homes full time or travel a lot throughout the year. No matter how much time you spend in your motorhome, you should definitely ensure that you have an adequate amount of insurance coverage in place to protect the investment you have made in your beautiful home away from home.

There is an array of different types of motorhome coverage options you can choose from and the agents at Hermes Insurance Solutions serving the Sanger, TX area are ready to assist you with all of your motorhome insurance needs.

Required Motorhome Insurance

If you own a motorhome in the state of Texas, you are required to have at least liability insurance in place. Liability insurance will help cover any damages or injuries that result from an accident that you are involved in with your motorhome.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance

While uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is not required by the state of Texas, it is good coverage to have in place. This will help protect you and the investment you made in your motorhome if you become involved in an accident with a driver who does not have an adequate amount of auto insurance available.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive motorhome insurance coverage is very important since your motorhome is like a second home to you. This type of insurance will help you with any damages that occur from a natural disaster, an act of vandalism, or a fire. This type of insurance coverage will also assist you in replacing your motorhome if it is stolen.

Collision Insurance

If you have a collision with some sort of object, such as a telephone pole or guardrail, or if you collide with another vehicle, collision insurance coverage will assist you in paying for any damages.

If you owe money to a lender for your motorhome, you are more than likely required to have both collision and comprehensive insurance coverage already in place.

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Don’t Risk a Disaster: Insure Your RV

You have your dream RV and are ready to explore the open road. But wait, have you considered all the ways to protect yourself from disasters?  Did you know that if your RV has more than four wheels, you may not be covered by your car’s accident insurance? Even if you have a separate accident policy for your RV, there are more ways to protect yourself and your family. 

Hermes Insurance Solutions, serving the greater Sanger, TX community, is here to assist. 

Understanding Coverage Options For Your RV

Nobody wants the surprise of getting hit with crippling bills because they thought their homeowner’s liability insurance covered them. If someone hurts themselves while in your RV, even if it is parked, you could be liable for their medical bills. 

You can discuss how much liability insurance would suit you with any of the agents at Hermes Insurance Solutions. Travel or vacation liability insurance is a great way to cover any injuries you or your guests may incur while on a campsite or while traveling. 

If you have valuables in your RV that you can’t afford to replace, think about getting additional coverage for your RV. Usually, your homeowner’s insurance will only cover 10% of losses outside your permanent home. So having full coverage for your RV can help you avoid heartache if you get robbed. 

You can discuss your needs with any of our friendly insurance agents at Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger TX. For example, you can get coverage for satellite dishes, repair equipment, and all your personal belongings. 

If you make your RV your permanent home, it is well worth getting what is called "full-timers insurance." This can cover you for 3rd-party liability and give you peace of mind.

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Safe boating tips

Hermes Insurance Solutions has been serving the Sanger, TX area boatowners with all their insurance needs. We often come across common concerns pertaining to being safe when out on the watercraft. When you’re out on the water, safety is of the utmost importance.

Whether you’re fishing or sailing, it’s important to follow these simple tips for safe boating:

First and foremost, always wear a life jacket when you’re out on the water. This is especially true if there are children onboard. Many accidents occur because people didn’t have their life jackets on when they needed them most, so make sure everyone has their life jackets fastened securely at all times.

Another important tip is to check the weather before you head out. Stormy conditions can be dangerous while out on the water, so it’s important to avoid these conditions whenever possible by keeping an eye on the forecast and avoiding boating during bad weather.

No matter what kind of boating activity you’re engaging in, it’s essential to have the right safety gear on your boat.

Along with life jackets, there are a few other items that should be onboard for emergency situations.

First, having a communication device is essential. Having a VHF (Very High Frequency) marine radio or an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) can help you stay in contact with the Coast Guard or call for help if needed. It’s also important to check the batteries and signal range before each use to ensure everything is working properly.

Finally, another important item that should always be kept on board is a throwable floatation device like a life ring or cushion. This can be used not only for people who may fall overboard but also for someone in need of assistance coming up alongside your boat– helping them climb aboard safely and securely.

Make Sure to Carry Boat Insurance

Following these simple tips will help keep you safe when boating this summer! For more tips and to get coverage for your watercraft, call Hermes Insurance Solutions. We proudly serve the Sanger, TX area.

Do I need umbrella insurance?

Most people think that if they have insurance, they are fully protected from any legal problems that might arise. However, what many people don’t know is that there are different types of insurance policies, and each one has its own specific purpose.

One such policy is called umbrella insurance, and it can provide extra protection in the event that something goes wrong. Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX can provide you with a guide on what umbrella insurance is, what it covers, who needs it, how much it costs, and when is the best time to buy this type of policy.

Umbrella Insurance: What You Need To Know

Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that provides extra protection in the event that you are involved in an accident or lawsuit. It can provide coverage for things like medical bills, legal fees, property damage, and more.

It is particularly useful for those who have significant assets, such as high net-worth individuals or families with young children. The cost of an umbrella insurance policy will vary depending on a number of factors, including the amount of coverage you need and your overall risk profile.

If you are concerned about protecting yourself from potential legal issues, it is a good idea to speak to a qualified insurance agent about your options. They can help you determine whether or not umbrella insurance is right for you, and they can also help you find the best policy at a price that fits into your budget.

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Classic Car Insurance: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Much like your ride, classic car insurance never goes out of style.

Serving the greater Sanger, TX community, our experienced agents at Hermes Insurance Solutions can build you a customized insurance policy from the ground up. To help determine what coverage is best for you,  here we answer five common questions about classic car insurance.


What is classic car insurance?

Classic cars are special. Your insurance should be too. Classic car insurance is crafted specifically for owners of vintage vehicles. These policies will share some similarities with traditional auto insurance. However, there are much greater options and specialization.

How is classic car insurance unique?

Classic car insurance differs from standard auto policies by using a principle called "agreed value coverage." When purchasing insurance, your car’s monetary value is decided by you and your agent. This is usually set by a professional appraisal.

What types of vehicles are protected?

Classic car insurance is usually divided into three categories: exotic, antique, and custom. These distinctions are mostly influenced by a vehicle’s age. Modified and custom vehicles are the trickiest. That’s because these changes can both add or detract from its value.

What cars are eligible?

Your ride must meet certain qualifications. First, your car must fit into one of the previously-mentioned groups. But there are restrictions based on use too. Classic car insurance only applies if it isn’t your primary vehicle. You must have another car for daily use.

How much does classic car insurance cost?

Rates are determined by a car’s make, model, and total mileage. However, classic car insurance is typically less expensive than traditional auto insurance. 

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Luckily, Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX serves up more than just answers. Their team can craft a classic car insurance policy that’s perfect for you and your vintage ride. Schedule an appointment today.

Recreational Insurance Basics

There are lots of different types of insurance coverage to consider. Recreational insurance, however, often gets overlooked. You have invested in your recreational vehicles, so it is only right that you should protect those investments as well. At Hermes Insurance Solutions serving Sanger, TX and the surrounding areas, we can help you determine the best insurance coverage for your recreational items. 

Recreational Insurance: What You Need To Know

What Is Considered A Recreational Item?

Recreational vehicles can include the following:

  • ATVs
  • Campers
  • Boats
  • Jet skis
  • Snowmobiles
  • Some RVs
  • Others 

You can speak with an insurance representative to determine what other types of vehicles may qualify. 

Do I Need Rec Insurance?

Although rec insurance is not always required by law, it is still a good idea. It protects you and the investment you have made in your vehicles. 

What Does Rec Insurance Cover?

Most policies will provide the following types of coverage:

  • Property damage/collision– If the rec vehicle is involved in an accident, the policy will cover damage to the vehicle. 
  • Liability– If the rec vehicle damages someone else’s property or injures someone, this coverage can help pay for the expenses the incident creates. 

What Happens Without Insurance?

If you choose not to insure your rec vehicles, you could find yourself paying out of pocket for expenses. This could get very expensive, especially if other people are hurt or their property is damaged. 

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Why All Renters Need Renters’ Insurance

When you are a renter, it’s important to protect what you have and to protect yourself from certain high costs that can become necessary. Because you don’t own the property, you don’t have to insure the dwelling itself- that’s for the landlord to do. What you need are a specific type of insurance that protects your property and your liability. If you rent, you need this important coverage. To get this policy, give us a call now at Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX.

Protection for What You Own

As a renter, most to all of what you own will be inside your rented home. With so much in your home and the value of it all added together, it is worth a lot. That’s why you need renters’ insurance to protect it all. With this type of insurance, all of your belongings are covered by the policy. The policy covers a number of types of disasters, accidents, etc. When one of these happens and your possessions are destroyed, your policy will pay for you to replace them all. This coverage is highly important to have in place to protect yourself financially. 

Protection for Your Liability

As a renter, you are in charge of what happens inside your home. You might not own it, but you are responsible for what happens there. This means that if a third party came to your home and had an accident with injuries, you would be responsible for paying their medical bills and other expenses. When you have renters’ insurance, it will pay for these bills to protect you financially. 

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How Do I Choose The Right Motorhome Insurance Policy?

When looking for motorhome insurance, it’s important to find the right policy to fit your needs. There are a lot of different factors to consider when making your decision, and it can be tricky to figure out which policy is right for you.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing motorhome insurance:

1. Get the Right Coverage for Your needs

There are a lot of different types of motorhome insurance policies out there, and not all of them will be right for you. Make sure to research and find the policy that will give you the coverage you need. Companies like Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX can help you find the right policy for your needs.

2. Consider Your Budget

You don’t want to overspend on your motorhome insurance policy, but you also don’t want to skimp and end up with inadequate coverage. What you should do is take a close look at your budget and figure out how much you can reasonably afford to spend on premiums. Once you have a number in mind, you can start shopping around for policies that fit into your budget.

3. Get Multiple Quotes

Getting multiple quotes will help you compare rates and coverage options so that you can find the best policy for your needs. You see, each insurance company uses different criteria when determining rates. This is why it’s so important to get quotes from several companies.

4. Read the Fine Print

One of the most vital things you can do when shopping for motorhome insurance is to read the fine print. Every policy is different, and you need to know exactly what you’re getting before signing on the dotted line.

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Choosing the right motorhome insurance policy doesn’t have to be difficult. Just remember to do your research, ask lots of questions, and read the fine print. If you’re ever in doubt, Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX is always here to help. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the perfect policy for your needs.

What Are The Different Types Of RV Insurance Coverage?

There are many different types of RV insurance, which is why it’s a good idea to shop around and find the one that suits your needs. 

Even if you’re not traveling, your RV is a major investment, and you never know when something might happen. For help in the greater Sanger, TX community, visit Hermes Insurance Solutions. 

Various RV Insurance Coverage and What They Entail 

Basic RV insurance. This protects you from the low-hanging fruit of a claims scenario. It’s great for keeping your RV in case of a major loss. 

Comprehensive RV insurance protects your investment in case of a covered loss, such as a fire, lightning strike, or flood. This protects you from the low-hanging fruit of a claims scenario. It’s great for keeping your RV in case of a major loss. 

RV/trailer insurance covers your RV and your trailer. It also includes a certain amount of liability coverage in case something happens to your RV. 

As with most investments, it’s a good idea to have some type of insurance. Some of the common types of RV insurance are: 

  • Motor Home RV insurance – covers the RV when it is on the road, while some RV insurance plans also cover the RV when it is parked.
  • Travel trailer RV insurance – covers the RV when it is parked and used as a home.
  • Fifth wheel RV insurance – covers the fifth wheel RV as it is also used as a home.
  • A-frame RV insurance – covers the RV as it is used as a home.
  • Other RV insurance – covers other RV types that are not listed above.

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If you own an RV that is only used for recreational purposes like camping, you will probably only need basic RV insurance. 

However, if you own an RV that is used for work or if you use your RV as a primary residence, then you will probably need additional types of RV insurance coverage. Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX is the expert you need for insurance advice.