Are Classic And Vintage Cars Insured Differently?

Yes. Classic and antique cars’ value increase over time. Ordinary cars don’t. A thing with historical value or limited production is considered valuable and should be insured. Here is more information from Hermes Insurance Solutions serving the greater Sanger, TX community.

Why Classic Cars Are Different

Age has the most to do with it, but classic cars are stored in temperature-controlled environments for a reason. Moisture damages pretty much everything.

Your classic car is only used for local car shows, and you only drive it on the weekends. You must move the tires and run the car to keep it viable. There isn’t a speck of rust on her. 

These circumstances make the car special, and it will be insured as such. Here is more about the difference between classic and regular car insurance.

Why Classic Cars Are Insured Differently

1. Something in daily use can become damaged. Driving your modern car daily puts it at risk of a crunch-up. Additionally, modern car parts wear out quickly. 

Classic cars: alternatively, driving a classic car on the weekends or to car shows doesn’t wear out the gears or major parts as fast.

2. Everyone drives their car at speed. We expect it, and we drive accordingly (either defensively or damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.)

Classic cars: the classic car is important to us, so we drive carefully and defensively (the parts to repair a crunch-up are harder to find.)

3. When a modern car is totaled, the insurance company gives you its worth at that time.

Classic cars: classic vehicles appreciate in value. The company will pay you the agreed price you both set when you begin the policy.

We Are Here To Help!

Hermes Insurance Solutions in Sanger, TX wants your classic car to be well protected. The right insurance is a large part of that, so drop by the office or give us a call to learn more about it.